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Anne Sheldon

Anne Sheldon

Anne Sheldon lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with Charles, a black cat who thinks he’s a dog, four generations of books, and way too much wool. A children’s librarian retired from the D.C. Public Library, she’s soon to be a part-time school librarian. She learned to tell stories to kids from Miss Van Winkle (no kidding), teaches storytelling at the University of Maryland, and works occasionally as a poet-in-the-schools with elementary school writers.

Anne’s poems have been published in numerous books and journals including The Poet’s Grimm, The Dark Horse, Weird Tales, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and Antietam Review. Her third book, The Adventures of the Faithful Counselor, a novella in verse set in ancient Mesopotamia, is available from Aqueduct. Other books are Lancastrian Letters, a series of epistolary poems from the 15th century, and Hero-surfing, featuring a little bit of everything — vikings, vampires, baby boomers, and inner children. A 1997 Clarion graduate, she has sold stories to Aboriginal SF, Black Gate, and Paradox.

Her favorite authors are Patrick O’Brian, Ursula Le Guin, Cecelia Holland, Billy Collins, and Robert Frost; her favorite color is emerald green; and her favorite needles, size 10 1/2.

The Adventures of the Faithful Counselor The Bone Spindle The Bone Spindle, 2nd ed