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Arrate Hidalgo

Arrate Hidalgo

Arrate Hidalgo (Bilbao, 1987) is a translator, editor, and cultural agent based in Bilbao. With a background in English and Medieval literature, she has been an Associate Editor of Aqueduct Press since 2015. After eight years living and working between the UK and USA, she returned to her native Basque Country in 2017. Since then she has embarked on various projects to communicate and develop non-hegemonic visions of the future: she co-founded the feminist SF festival AnsibleFest and co-created the podcast “¿Qué haría Barbarella?”, and she currently organizes sci-fi-themed bertsolarism (sung improvised poetry) sessions with women bertsolaris, as well as coordinates the editorial project Zirriborroak eta gero/Borradores del futuro, a series of chapbooks envisioning desirable futures of existing social/community initiatives in the Basque sociopolitical context. Mayi Pelot’s Memories of Tomorrow is her first full-length book solo translation project from Basque into English.

(*) Photo by Dani Blanco

Memories of Tomorrow