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Cesi Davidson

Cesi Davidson

Cesi (Cecelia) Davidson holds a doctorate degree in Speech Language Hearing Sciences from the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York. She has provided therapeutic services for children with communication and learning challenges for over thirty years. Playwriting emerged after years of dialogue as a therapist, mother, sister, friend, companion, and periods of spiritual introspection. She reimagined her experiences in order to create compelling stories for the stage giving voice to her witness of human suffering and triumphs. Since beginning to write in 2009, she has written hundreds of plays demonstrating a broad range, fearless creativity, and cultural responsiveness. Her writing includes humorous explorations of personified objects to horrific stories of incest. Cesi is a producing artist. She’s founder and curator of Short Plays to Nourish the Mind & Soul, free public theatre in New York City. Cesi is one of eight siblings, and the mother of two outstanding young men, Hannibal and Rahakmah Bryan. She is in a devoted relationship with her partner Edward Feeney.

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