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Christina M. Rau

Christina M. Rau

Christina M. Rau is the founder of Poets In Nassau, a reading circuit on Long Island, NY, where she's lived all her life. She is the author of the chapbooks WakeBreatheMove (Finishing Line Press, 2015) and For The Girls, I (Dancing Girl Press, 2014). She serves as editor for The Nassau Review at Nassau Community College, where she teaches writing and literature. She tweets on Twitter, pins on Pinterest, reposts on Tumblr, reviews on Goodreads, updates on Facebook, snaps on Snapchat, and does whatever it is one does on Instagram. In her non-writing life, she teaches yoga occasionally and line dances on other occasions. For her blog, visit alifeofwe.blogspot.com. For everything else, www.christinamrau.com.

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