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Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett

Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett

Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett (1846-1930) was an outspoken advocate of women’s rights and a prolific writer of witty, readable popular stories and novels about the indignities and injustices women suffered in the late nineteenth century. Many of her stories and serials in newspapers were never reprinted in book form.

Selected books by the author:
  • Cassandra (London: Sonnenschein, 1884)
  • Pharisees Unveiled: The Adventures of an Amateur Detective (London: Tower Publishing, 1889)
  • Mrs. Grundy’s Victims (London: Tower Publishing, 1893)
  • Deb O’Mally’s: A Novel (London: Hurst and Blackett, 1895)
  • Little Miss Robinson Crusoe (London: C Arthur Pearson, 1898)
  • When the Sea Gives Up Its Dead. A Thrilling Detective Story (London: Tower Publishing, 1894)
  • The Marriage Market (London: R. A. Everett, 1903)

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