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Jo Walton

Jo Walton

Jo Walton has published nine novels and two previous poetry collections. She has a collection of essays coming out next year called What Makes This Book So Great. She won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2002, the World Fantasy Award (for Tooth and Claw) in 2004, the Prometheus Award (for Ha'Penny) in 2009 and the Mythopoeic Award (for Lifelode) in 2010. Her most recent novel, Among Others, won the Hugo, the Nebula and the British Fantasy Award in 2012. While all her books fit within SF and F, she writes in a wide range of subgenres and along the edges of genres -- her novels range from historical fantasy to Victorian pastiche to alternate history and contemporary fantasy. She comes from South Wales but emigrated to Montreal in 2002. She is married with a grown up son. She blogs about old books on Tor.com and maintains a livejournal that is mostly recipes, wordcount and poetry at papersky.livejournal.com.

Jo Walton
has run out of eggs and needs to go buy some,
she has no time to write a bio
as she wants to make spanakopita today.
She also wants to write a new chapter
and fix the last one.
Oh yes, she writes stuff,
when people leave her alone to get on with it
and don't demand bios
and proofreading and interviews
and dinner.
Despite constant interruptions
she has published nine novels
in the last forty-eight years
and started lots of others.
She won the Campbell for Best New Writer in 2002
when she was 38.
She has also written half a ton of poetry
which isn't surprising as she finds poetry
considerably easier to write
than short bios listing her accomplishments.
She is married, with one (grown up, awesome) son
who lives nearby with his girlfriend and two cats.
She also has lots of friends
who live all over the planet
who she doesn't see often enough.
She remains confused by punctuation,
"who" and "whom"
and "that" and "which".
She cannot sing and has trouble with arithmetic
also, despite living ten years in Montreal
her French still sucks.
Nevertheless, her novel Among Others
won a Hugo and a Nebula
so she must be doing something right
at least way back when she wrote it
it'll probably never work again.
She also won a World Fantasy Award in 2004
for an odd book called Tooth and Claw
in which everyone is dragons.
She comes from South Wales
and identifies ethnically
as a Romano-Briton
but she emigrated to Canada
because it seemed a better place
to stand to build the future.
She blogs about old books on Tor.com
and posts poetry and recipes and wordcount on her LJ
and is trying to find something to bribe herself with
as a reward for writing a bio
that isn't chocolate.

The Helix and the Hard Road