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Lesley Hall

Lesley Hall

Lesley Hall was born in the seaside resort and channel port of Folkestone, Kent, and now lives in north London. She works as an archivist, and is also a historian primarily interested in issues of gender and sexuality in nineteenth and twentieth century Britain, an area in which she has published several books and numerous articles.

She has been reading science fiction and fantasy since childhood and cannot remember a time when she was not a feminist. Her reviews have appeared in Strange Horizons and Vector, and she has had short stories published in The Penguin Book of Modern Fantasy by Women (1996) and The Penguin Book of Erotic Stories by Women (1995).

Naomi Mitchison, as well as being a favorite writer of hers, is a figure who brings together a number of her interests: women writing science fiction and fantasy, British women writers of the interwar period, and post-suffrage pre-second wave feminism.

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Naomi Mitchinson