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Liz Henry

Liz Henry

Liz Henry is a writer, blogger, computer programmer, translator, and editor. She began publishing xerox zines in 1986, and over the next 20 years produced a mixture of political booklets, zines, and poetry books under several imprints including Riot Grrlz Outer Space and Tollbooth Press. With Robert Pesich and Sanja K. Pesich she edited a poetry anthology, Cuts from the Barbershop, in 2004. She is massively multiblogular, keeping several personal blogs, and has written for BlogHer, Metroblogging SF, the American Literary Translators Association, and Feminist SF: The Blog! With Laura Quilter and others, she administers feministsf.net, such as the wiki, blog, and Book Discussion Group.

Meanwhile in her 'real' life she has worked in a dry cleaners, cafes, the University of Texas Geology Library, various horrible night clubs and secretarial jobs, then as a web developer and coder in Perl, PHP, and Python. She lives in Redwood City, California and works full time as a web producer for BlogHer, a syndication network and conference producer for women bloggers. Her main blog is at http://liz-henry.blogspot.com , and you can email her at liz@bookmaniac.net .

The WisCon Chronicles (Vol 3) Unruly Islands