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Rosaleen Love

Rosaleen Love

Rosaleen Love is an Australian writer who enjoys playing with wild ideas from both science and feminism. She has a special love for the sea and its stories and a soft spot for tales about impossibly large sea monsters with political ambitions.

A short story writer, she has published two collections with the Women's Press, UK: The Total Devotion Machine (1989) and Evolution Annie (1993). Her work has been included in mainstream as well as science fiction anthologies in Australia, Britain, and the USA, e.g., Heroines, Millennium, The Art of the Story (2000), Coast to Coast, The Women's Press Book of New Myth and Magic (1993), Alien Shores (1994), Metaworlds (1994), She's Fantastical (1995), Women of Wonder (1995), Dreaming Down Under (1999), Women of Other Worlds (1999), Earth is but a Star (2001), Year's Best Fantasy 2003, and The Elastic Book of Numbers (2005). She is also a science writer and writes on Australian science and society with a particular interest in coral reefs. Her non-fiction book Reefscape, a series of essays on the meaning of the Great Barrier Reef, was published in 2000 by Allen and Unwin, Sydney, and in 2001 by Joseph Henry Press, USA. She is never happier than when immersed in warm reef waters.

Once she was a university teacher, first in the History and Philosophy of Science, and later in Creative Writing, at Swinburne and Victoria Universities, Melbourne. Currently she is a research associate at Latrobe and Monash Universities, Melbourne. For a while, she was even in demand as a futurist, despite her own sense of helpless ignorance about the topic. Futurists, however, are wild people who like wild ideas, and for a while, she felt quite at home in their company. More information can be found on her Web page.

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