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Sofía Rhei

Sofía Rhei

Sofía Rhei (Madrid, 1978) is an author, experimental poet and translator. As a poet, she has written Las flores de alcohol (La bella Varsovia), Química (El gaviero), and Otra explicación para el temblor de las hojas (Ayuntamiento de granada), Alicia Volátil (Cangrejo Pistolero) (a book in 3D), bestiario microscópico (Spórtula), and La simiente de la luz (Lapsus Calami). She has edited the anthology Sextinas (Hiperión). For her poetry, she won the national prize "Javier Egea" and was shortlisted for the Dwarf Stars and Rhysling awards.

Her books for kids include the series Krippys (Montena), El joven Moriarty (Fábulas de Albión), and Los hermanos Mozart (Diquesí), as well as many individual titles such as Olivia Shakespeare (Edelvives), and La calle Andersen (La Galera), cowritten with Marian Womack. Her YA novels are Flores de sombra (Alfaguara) and its sequel, Savia negra. She received a "Spirit of dedication" award from the European Science Fiction Society for her children's books.

She writes short stories of science fiction and dark fantasy for adults, as the ones appearing in the publications Casatomada and Calle 20 and in the anthologies Más allá de Némesis (Spórtula), Presencia humana (Aristas Martínez), Crónica de Tinieblas (Spórtula), Retrofuturismos (Fábulas de Albión), and Terranova 3 (Fantascy). Her story collections are Las ciudades reversibles (UCLM) and El bosque profundo (Aristas Martínez).

Her novels for adults are Róndola (Minotauro), Celsius award winning humorous fantasy fairytale retelling, and Espérame en la última página (Plaza y Janés), a story about books (rights sold for editions in Italian and Chinese).

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