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Som Paris

Som Paris

Paris was born in Oklahoma to a pair of travelling preachers who carried her on their missions around the world, inadvertently making of her an ardent internationalist. From southern Africa to the Middle East, the Soviet Union, and around the U.S., she ran away to Australia after high school and ran out of money studying tropical ecology, eventually surviving by living in a tree. With the prospect of free education in England she grudgingly moved to Europe but then soon dove blissfully into studying history, literature and philosophy in a BA and MA.

After eleven years in England and five years in an office her soul was slipping away and so she finally took the steps to fulfil a lifelong dream and moved out to live in the wilds of Galiza, in north Iberia. Surrounding herself with vegetable gardens and books she began writing articles and then novels. When she came out as transgender she turned her wild patch of land into a nature retreat for trans and queer people and she can still be found there now, laughing at the futile rain that can’t quite reach her from the safety of her cabin windows.

They say ‘write what you know’ but her background is so patchy, so transient, that she knows a little of much and much of very little and so she turns her dreams and passions and stories and fancies into fantasy tales because in fantasy what you know is limited only by imagination. With Science Fiction, on the other hand, she loves to and understand where we are now by playing with where we might be soon.

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