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Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee was born in 1947, in London, England. Being slightly dyslexic she didn’t learn to read until she was almost 8—when her father taught her. By 9 she was writing. After leaving school she worked in various roles—librarian, clerk, waitress, salesgirl—and also managed to get a year at art college when she was 25. It was not until 1974-75, when Daw Books of America bought and published her large epic-fantasy The Birthgrave (actually written between 1968-70), that she was able to bin the day-jobs. Since then she has published 79 novels (including The Storm-Lord and Paradys series, the Lionwolf Trilogy, The Silver Metal Lover and Don't Bite the Sun, and the Claidi Journals) plus 16 collections. Additionally Lee has written well over 300 short stories, 4 radio plays broadcast by the BBC, and 2 episodes of the BBC TV cult classic SF series Blake's 7. Some of her stories are read regularly on BBC Radio’s Radio 4 Extra. Her range covers SF, Fantasy, Horror, Steampunk, Contemporary, Historical, Detective, Gay/Lesbian, and Y.A.—with mixtures of all of the above. Lee lives on the Sussex Weald with her writer/artist husband John Kaiine—and 2 black and white cats who love her manuscripts—to sleep on.

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