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Music of the Night

by Suzy McKee Charnas

$7.95 (e-book) EPUB
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These four tales of mythic monsters, who embody our deepest and most secret desires, evoke wilderness and wonders lurking below the familiar surfaces — splendid, coarse, or startlingly every day — of modernity.


“From the moment of reading the ‘true’ story of the Phantom of the Opera…I was drawn into a deep, dark, yet highly erotic world that Suzy Charnas brings to life. I enjoy reading all things paranormal, but this book delves deep into the emotions of the characters… Each story is deep, slightly dark, and on some level it hits where we think our darkest thoughts, though most of us never act upon them. Suzy Charnas has tapped the deepest parts of our lives and brought them out in these stories… What a wonderful collection, that I recommend to anyone who wants something different!” 
  —In the Library

“The Hugo winning, Nebula nominated short story ‘Boobs’ is one story I find myself re-reading over and over again. …a young girl, having come of age over summer break, begins 8th grade and is ridiculed for her new adult body by her fellow students… This story is so well written that I found myself cheering her on as she gets revenge against the immature boys she has to go to school with.” 
  —Fantastic Reviews

ISBN: 978-1-61976-199-5 (13 digit)
Publication Date: Oct 2020