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The Kingdom of Kevin Malone

by Suzy McKee Charnas

$7.95 (e-book) EPUB
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Amy, brooding on a family crisis, retreats to Central Park—from the frying pan straight into the fire! Out of her past swoops her old arch-enemy Kevin Malone, the neighborhood punk who used to bully her. Angrily chasing him now through an arched passage under a park roadway, she emerges into another world. Kevin's feverish imagination has transformed Central Park into the Fayre Farre, a land of danger, magic, and heroic adventure. Here, among castles, elves, monsters, wild men, battles, and prophecies, Kevin is a Prince and a legendary champion. He's also still a self-centered jerk with a chip on his shoulder, and he's lost control of his magnificent creation: chaos and destruction are sweeping the land. Despite Kevin's bravado, Amy sees that he desperately needs her help. Will she risk her life in such a thankless job, or just leave him to sort out his own mess? And either way, where will that leave her?<


“…the author’s sly digs at the heroic fantasy genre are on the mark, and Kevin makes an unusual hero. He's whiny, sullen, and self-centered, but also a tragic figure with a nascent sense of responsibility… Readers can sift through the whimsy for serious themes or not, as they choose.” 
  —School Library Journal

“…a perfect example of the mixing of genres (contemporary fiction and high fantasy)… Underneath the plotline…is the more serious story of the protagonist's coming to terms with her favorite cousin’s death, and it's the touching way Charnas handles that story, along with her engaging characters and smooth prose, that makes this novel so successful…” 
  —Mystery Scene

ISBN: 978-1-61976-207-7 (13 digit)
Publication Date: Oct 2020