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What Remains

by Ellen Klages and Goeff Ryman

$12 (paperback)  

What Remains, published in conjunction with the appearance of Ellen Klages and Geoff Ryman as the Guests of Honor at WisCon 33, features three tales, two of them by Geoff Ryman and one by Ellen Klages. In Ryman's "No Bad Thing," a certain brilliant, world-famous scientist has become a vampire and duly turns hi intellectual gifts in a new direction; and in "Care," a story set in the fascinating world of Belo Horizonte, a little boy's father stands with him on the Edge of the world looking down at Rio, shows him how to walk off the Edge, then disappears.

In Ellen Klages's original novelette "Echoes of Aurora," Jo Norwood goes back to her hometown to bury her father and meets a lovely, mysterious woman named Aurora, and through the summer, Jo and Rory make passionate love, poetry, and a story together—a story that begins "Once upon a time, you kissed me."

What Remains also includes Eileen Gunn's interview of Geoff Ryman and Debbie Notkin's interview of Ellen Klages.


Did we talk about What Remains? It's an awesome three story chapbook that Aqueduct Press published for Wiscon, and it features two new stories by Geoff Ryman and one by Ellen Klages. I read it a couple months back. Ellen's story, 'Echoes of Aurora' is one of my favorite stories of the year.
   — Jonathan Strahan, Notes from Coode Street

ISBN: 978-1-933500-31-7 (13 digit)
Publication Date: Jun 2009
paperback 84 pages