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Gwyneth Jones

Gwyneth Jones

Gwyneth Jones is a writer and critic of science fiction and fantasy, who also writes for teenagers under the name Ann Halam. Among other honors, she’s won the Philip K. Dick award (for Life, the science-fictional biography of a female scientist of genius); two World Fantasy awards, the British Science Fiction Association award, the Arthur C Clarke award (for Bold As Love, a near future fantasy about Rock and Roll, England; and breaking the Mind/Matter barrier). Also the Dracula Society’s Children of the Night award, the Pilgrim award for sf criticism, and shared the first Tiptree award, with Eleanor Arnason. Six of her novels, besides Bold As Love, have been short-listed for the Arthur C Clarke award, including a nomination for the first ever Clarke; the latest being Spirit (2009). Her collected critical writings and essays have been published by the Liverpool University Press (Deconstructing The Starships, 1999) and by the Aqueduct Press, Seattle (Imagination/Space, 2009). Short story collections include The Grass Princess (Edgewood Press, 1996), The Buonarotti Quartet (Aqueduct Press, 2009), Grazing the Long Acre (PS Publishing, 2009), and The Universe Of Things (Aqueduct Press, 2011).

She lives in Brighton, UK, with her husband and son, plus two cats called Ginger and Milo: practices yoga, has done some extreme tourism in her time, likes old movies and cooking, and enjoys playing with her websites.

Read the essay “True Life Science Fiction: Sexual Politics and the Lab Procedural,” from Imagination/Space, describing Gwyneth's research for the novel Life in the lab of Dr. Jane Davies.

Email: gwyneth.jones@ntlworld.com
Websites: http://www.boldaslove.co.uk; http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gwynethann
Blog: http://www.boldaslove.co.uk/blog/

The Buonarotti Quartet Imagination/Space The Universe of Things