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Katrinka Moore

Katrinka Moore

Katrinka Moore started out in dance and choreography, made a brief foray into performance art, and shifted to poetry, eventually bringing visual components into her work. She is the author of two previous poetry collections, Thief and This is Not a Story (winner of the Finishing Line Press New Women’s Voices Prize).

Katrinka is a long-time member of the One O’clock Poets (OOPs), a close-knit group that meets monthly to share and critique work. In 2009, OOPs brought out an anthology of poems, This Full Green Hour. She’s also a member of brevitas, a sometimes rowdy online group of poets that publishes an annual anthology.

She has poems in Milkweed Editions’ Stories from Where We Live and The Best of the Texas Poetry Calendar. Her work appears online in MungBeing, Otoliths, Dépositions le blog, First Literary Review-East and in many print journals.

Growing up in rural Texas, Katrinka rode horses and roamed along a slow-moving creek—forming a connection with nature that is the foundation for her art. She and her husband, who have a grown son, live in New York City and Manor Kill, New York.

Photo by Flash Rosenberg