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Sue Lange

Sue Lange

Sue Lange has always had a love of art and science. Armed with a degree in chemistry and eight-years' experience running a rock band, she stands poised to reconcile these two supposedly opposing arms of humanity's highest achievement. Always searching for connections between the left brain and the right, her fiction reflects the philosophy of one who sees little difference between physics and drama, calculus and symphony, biochemistry and soap opera, high art and crass commercialism. In her mind, all the world's a stage for string theory to play on. Her stories have appeared in Challenging Destiny, Apex Science Fiction and Horror, and Astounding Tales. Her first novel, Tritcheon Hash, was published in 2003. She resides on a farm in Pennsylvania with her partner, Gary Celima, three cats, two horses, one unridable devil pony named Pogo, and a hundred Early Girl tomato plants. Visit her blog.

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