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Conversation Pieces

Vol. 3 — Changeling

by Nancy Jane Moore

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Read a sample from the book.

Changeling is an original novella by Nancy Jane Moore. Moore has only recently begun publishing fiction; her work has appeared in Imaginings, MOTA 2002, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, and several other magazines. Her story "Walking Contradiction" was shortlisted for the 2004 Gaylactic Spectrum Awards.


"Nancy Jane Moore is a writer to watch, if her novella, Changeling, is any indication. It's an eminently satisfying, sweetly unraveling story centering on a wheelchair using woman who rolls through walls into a dimension her parents frequented when young[...]"
    —Books to Watch Out For, Lesbian Edition

"Changeling is recommended to genre readers, regardless of their interest in the feminist sub genre of science fiction." ( read the whole review)
    —William I. Lengeman III, Apex Digest, January 2007

ISBN: 978-0-9746559-5-6 (13 digit)
Publication Date: Oct 2004
paperback 90 pages