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Conversation Pieces

Vol. 49 — Unpronounceable: A Novella

by Susan diRende

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Special Citation, 2017 Philip K. Dick Award

Earth has discovered it is not alone in the universe. The aliens—pink, shapeless, and peaceful—are very nice, but after a string of failed diplomatic missions, they ask Earth to stop with the crazies and send someone normal. In frustration, the UN devises a lottery to pick the next ambassador.

Enter Rose Delancy, a Jersey waitress with a grudge against pretty much the whole world. Rose is not happy about winning; she's not particularly happy about anything. When she arrives on Unpronounceable—the planet having a name she refuses to attempt saying—she is nothing but rude to the Blobs, as she calls them, and they find it refreshing. She likes them; they like her. She settles in and starts teaching the natives all about junk food, movies, and sex. They show her a few things of their own involving the transformation of matter, but Rose is only interested in how it applies to sex.That is until she learns that she's been suckered to play the patsy for an interstellar takeover by Earth...

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DiRende's irreverence is a delight. And her sarcastic wit comes through in Rose's first-person narration. Your feisty little broad from Jersey knows what's what. And a dose of Unpronounceable unreality might be just the thing to get your own nasty attitude adjusted right. Capisce?  
  —Splash Magazines, Gerald Everett Jones, June 2016

ISBN: 978-1-61976-107-0 (13 digit)
Publication Date: Jun 2016
paperback 124 pages