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Conversation Pieces

Vol. 80 — Cabinet of Wrath: A Doll Collection

by Tara Campbell

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Cabinet of Wrath trailer

Deep in the recesses of childhood memory, your old playthings await. Listen: don’t you hear them crying out for you? Come take a peek inside the Cabinet of Wrath to find out what really happens when toys go missing and the stark decision they must make if they ever want to go home again. Discover what doll heads really think about being separated from their bodies. Follow a skull-and-bones novelty ring as it assembles a full body for itself, bit by grisly bit, and learn how loving your doll too much can lead to grave consequences. Open the door to these fabulist tales of toys and vengeance for a playtime you’ll never forget.

Advance Praise

"A delectably gruesome, tantalizingly bitey cabinet of wonders awaits you in this jewel box of a collection from Tara Campbell."
 l—Tina Connolly, Hugo-nominated author of The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections

I thought I’d seen it all with the “creepy doll” story line, but Tara Campbell takes it to the next level with her twisted and delightful imagination. Kidnappers. Lovers. Killers. Seekers. I will be thinking about these stories in my nightmares.
 —Tara Laskowski, author of One Night Gone and Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons


Campbell (Midnight at the Organporium) delivers nine spooky stories of toys turned sinister that are sure to make readers reconsider the dolls, stuffed animals, and childhood playthings collecting dust in storage....[T]he imaginative scenarios and alluring voice never waver. Readers looking for bite-size horror will be delighted.  (Read the whole review)
  —Publishers Weekly, May 2021

Cabinet of Wrath is a wonderful and playful romp through the land of dolls which I can therefore highly recommend. Its creepy cover can make this book seem terrifying on the surface—my husband is one of those people who will not, absolutely never, watch a horror movie featuring a doll and will certainly not buy dolls used—but there is so much intellectual play going on here that I found it difficult to be afraid of these dolls. In fact, it is the things that happen to these toys—unwanted pregnancies, being torn apart, enlisted into creepy fantasies without voice or agency—that are truly terrifying. Of course, they don’t just happen to dolls, or to little girls and women. They happen to everyone. That is why it’s scary.  (Read the whole review)
  —Strange Horizons, Eve Morton, Nov 22, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-61976-210-7 (13 digit)
Publication Date: Jun 2021
paperback 98 pages