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Conversation Pieces

Vol. 17 — Making Love in Madrid: A Novella

by Kimberly Todd Wade

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Read a sample from the book.

Even as she talks, she is assessing his lack of composure, his evident ineffectualness in his slouch and dumbfounded expression.... "You see my dilemma. I find myself without a history, and I need someone to fill it in for me. Additionally, I will need some kind of personal quirk, because such things make for convincing fictions." She pauses, and adds philosophically, "If the world really were populated by fictional characters we would none of us understand each other for our compelling eccentricities."

With Making Love in Madrid, Kimberly Todd Wade makes her fictional debut. Anna Tambour, author of The Spotted Lily and Monterra's Deliciosa and Other Tales, describes the novella as "a fantasia of amnesia, of lives that need filling, of writers of every tense, of talent and dry lemons and melted cheese; of giggling and tangled sheets and denture adhesive, competition and tenderness, a bloodless bullfight, the power of a giant smile to diminish greatness—a modern mannerist story around a story."


"Making Love in Madrid is a lyrical metafictional piece[...]often quite beautiful[...]"

   —Locus, May 2007

"[I]f you enjoy this story, it won't be for the characters, it will be for the affect. If I'd got around to reading the copy of Ice by Anna Kavan that I've had sitting in my TBR pile for the past couple of months, I suspect I'd be making a comparison with Wade's novella; as it is, the writer I've read most recently whose work was called to mind by Making Love in Madrid is Zoran Zivkovic, most particularly in the sense that the uncertain landscape and strange events described have some meaning just beyond my grasp." (read the whole review)
    — Niall Harrison (editor of Vector), Torque Control, September 21, 2007

ISBN: 978-1-933500-12-6 (13 digit)
Publication Date: Feb 2007
paperback 81 pages